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Congratulations – National Incentive Qualifier

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Sally Gracie has been in property professionally for most of her working life.  Sally has more than conventional Real Estate sales experience. Sally has an understanding and appreciation of Luxury Property, a complimentary personality, the right attitude and an uncompromising service driven attitude.

Sally has a true understanding, through her service as a Trustee and ownership of a home in Stonehurst Estate, specialising in selling property in Stonehurst Estate.

In 2008, Sally wrote her property exams and started working for Chas Everitt. Six weeks into her new career she signed up for her first sale. She has enjoyed being amongst the top sales agents consistently within the company.  After many years of being part of Chas Everitt, Sally was offered and accepted a shareholding and Directorship in the Cape Town South Franchise.  Sally became the Managing Director in 2018 and a majority shareholder in 2021.